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Sunday, May 10, 2016

at the Western Massachusetts

Mother's Day Half Marathon


With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and true Christian love, several groups associated with First Baptist Church have contributed most generously to #LukeStonger Organization with their time, their gifts and their talents.

Thank you, everyone for supporting

  • #LukeStronger Push-up Challenge
  • GenNXT Bake and Candy Sale
  • "Lots for Luke" Birthday Cards 
  • Christmas Greetings for Luke

WHAT'S HAPPENING at #LukeStonger

A great big “Thank You” to Sienna Hill, Abby Feldman and Andrew Feldman of Granby, MA for “Lemonade forLuke”. In just two events these kids raised almost $400 for #LukeStronger Organization. Way to go!

Luke received over 200 cards and letters for his Birthday!

Our most sincere "Thank You" to everyone.

Please feel free to continue sending cards and letters to Luke at:

Luke Bradley

c/o Second Baptist Church South Hadley

589 Granby Rd
South Hadley, MA 01075

THANK YOU SOUTH HADLEY FIRE and POLICE DEPARTMENTS for your hard work and generosity in supporting #LukeStronger!

South Hadley Fire Department vs Police Department Softball Game

South Hadley Beachgrounds Park

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Join the

LukeStronger Pushup Challenge

Complete at least 5 push-ups (one for each letter of Luke's name and one for the word "stronger").  Share your strength on social media to encourage Luke to be strong in his battle against leukemia. Be sure to include the text"#lukestronger".

To see some of the videos, visit our "Scrapbook" and #lukestronger.

All online donations and purchases are processed through PayPal.

If you wish to pay by check, please mail complete donation/purchase details with your check payable to:

Luke Stronger Organization, 41 Red Bridge Lane, South Hadley, MA 01075

Please contact us with all questions.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting the Bradley Family.

THANK YOU! You Are True Blessings (December 28, 2015)

Hello everyone,
     A special thank you for the wonderful response of greetings and cards that we received.  What a pleasant surprise!  Thank you to Laurie DePino who felt moved to do this in support of our family.  It was so meaningful to know how many people are praying and thinking of Luke. 
     And...speaking of Luke.  He has been home for two weeks as of today!  He is doing very well with home rehab, and his chemo is outpatient in the clinic from here on out.  We feel extremely blessed.  In this journey, your support has helped us get through this time with love and encouragement.  Your donations have supplemented thousands of dollars in lost income, as well as commutes and food in Boston.  It was a hard road.  My wife and I switched back and forth from Boston to South Hadley several times each week, and were rarely together under the same roof.  That is why your support was so special.  With Luke home now, and Nikki working again, our family is on the road to recovery.  We were so blessed by all of you.  Not only were our needs met, but we were able to give almost $10,000 to other families dealing with children's cancer as well.  That, too, was a blessing!
     Going forward, we are hoping to continue to raise support for other families through special events (and hopefully another golf outing!).  That will be the ongoing way Luke Stronger gives back!  In the meantime, as things get back to normal (whatever that means anymore?!?!), thank you to Laurie DePino, Allison Bradley, Karen Rippa, and the many people who ran and organized the Luke Stronger site.  We appreciate all you have done more than you can imagine. 
     Thank you all so much and God bless you for your compassion to our family.  We hope that as the months go by, you will remember how much Luke has fought his way back, and that his story will inspire you in whatever fight may come your way.

Ryan Bradley (Luke's dad)



(413) 561-6426


ryanjbradley5@gmail.comINTERNET QUICK LINKS




Pioneer Valley Baptist Association

for your generous donation to #LukeStronger.


First Baptist Church-West Springfield, MA and GenNXT


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