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New Update! (June 2, 2016)

                                                                                     Just wanted to update everyone that has been following Luke's story. I know it has been a while since I posted, and a lot of you have been asking how Luke is doing. we go. Two months ago, Luke started having severe problems with swelling in the head again. There were so many fluid pockets and "plumbing" problems in his head from the meningitis last year which caused areas of brain tissue to swell and fluid to fill up in the brain stem. This in turn caused his heart rate and blood pressure to go crazy, along with respiratory failure on multiple occasions. After being resuscitated on each of those occasions, Luke eventually had a stroke. Neurosurgery was called in to perform a special procedure to open up the ventricles, remove as many fluid collections as they could, and restore the brain plumbing flow to the best of their ability. Thank God this surgery was a success. Unfortunately, Luke is very weak from the stroke and brain trauma, and has a lot of rehab to do. Thankfully, we are at Spaulding rehab in Boston (one of the best around) working to get him back on track. As always, we appreciate your prayers for Luke to regain full function on the left side of his body, and for his ability to grow stronger - mind, body & spirit. I believe God will do great things through Luke, but you can imagine we are all tired. But still hopeful...and he will once again pick himself back up, and learn to stand yet again.

Ryan Bradley
(Luke's dad)

October 17, 2015- Luke with Aunt Allison


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In April 2015, 11-year-old Luke was diagnosed with Leukemia- for the second time in his short life. His parents, Ryan and Nikki, immediately made the decision to have Luke treated at Boston Children's Hospital where he began intense treatments. During that time he contracted bacterial meningitis. The outpouring of love and prayers has been astonishing- as have all of the medical expenses. To aid communication for Luke and his family, their friends and all well-wishers, we have created as a central point for all updates, news and opportunities to help. Through this venue we will keep everyone updated on Luke's progress; promote upcoming events designed to support Luke and his family; share news and information about and come together to garner financial support for the family.